Arbico has plumped for an Intel Core i7 CPU beloved of overclockers for its i7-9250 XL desktop PC.

Rather than going for one of Intel’s latest Core i3/i5 processors, Arbico has plumped for the older yet still popular Core i7-920 for its i7-9250 XL desktop PC. Beloved by overclockers, this quad-core CPU has a stock speed of 2.66GHz and requires a fast and expensive motherboard.

Performance is very good: the Arbico i7-9250 XL desktop PC's WorldBench score of 136 places it a single point behind the Chillblast. Its motherboard also supports USB 3.0 and 6Gbps SATA, and up to three graphics cards.

Sadly, Arbico’s expensive CPU and motherboard selections have forced compromises elsewhere. The i7-9250 XL desktop PC comes with just 3GB of RAM (the Core i7-920 requires memory modules to be installed in threes); to push this allocation to 6GB would have greatly inflated the Arbico’s price tag.

A more obvious compromise is the Arbico i7-9250 XL desktop PC's 22in monitor, which is smaller than some rival offerings. Although a full-HD screen, it will display onscreen text and icons marginally smaller than the 23in and 23.6in monitors supplied by Chillblast and CyberPower.

You also get only 500GB of storage space with the Arbico i7-9250 XL desktop PC – CyberPower and DinoPC supply a full terabyte (1TB).

Most importantly for gamers, the Arbico i7-9250 XL desktop PC ships with an ATI Radeon HD 5750 graphics card and 512MB of video RAM, whereas all of its rivals offer the faster HD 5770 and 1GB of memory. Its gaming scores are noticeably slower, particularly in the gruelling Stalker: Call of Pripyat (‘Ultra’ settings), where the Arbico is 10fps slower than the competition.

Budget PCs chart ranking

  1. Chillblast Fusion Nautilus
  2. Arbico i7-9250 XL
  3. DinoPC Elmisaur 750 OC
  4. Eclipse Matrix i567r577
  5. CyberPower Infinity i3 Apollo

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