The Arbico 807 Pro squeaked ahead of the PC Specialist Apollo 675GTS machine in a close-run fight for second place. If anything drew us to the Arbico 807 Pro, it was the quality of the graphics setup. Not only do you get a display that's larger - the additional 1.1in on the viewing area means you get just that slight edge in terms of visual impact - but the Videoseven is a slightly more colourful and sharper screen to boot.

You also get a pretty decent graphics card for the money. Granted, the Arbico 807 Pro's 320MB 8800 GTS can't compete with the 640MB version offered with the Eclipse Evolution i685n88s, but it's definitely a comfortable winner over the 8600 GTS featured in the PC Specialist Apollo 675GTS, finishing second in our games tests.

The matching WorldBench scores of 105 show that the Arbico 807 Pro and PC Specialist Apollo 675GTS have both gained decent mileage from their E6750 processors. But there are a number of areas in which the PC Specialist Apollo 675GTS comes out above the Arbico 807 Pro. It has a superior set of speakers (even if the Arbico 807 Pro's sound system remains one of the best in the chart), and while the Arbico 807 Pro's DVD writer is a very fast model, it can't rival the drive packaged with the PC Specialist Apollo 675GTS. Neither is the Arbico 807 Pro's warranty likely to provide much peace of mind.


As an overall PC the Arbico 807 Pro is excellent, and a deserving winner of a Recommended award.

Chart ranking: budget PCs October 07 issue

  1. Eclipse Evolution i685n88s
  2. Arbico 807 Pro
  3. PC Specialist Apollo 675GTS
  4. Eclipse Matrix I67N88-VSTA
  5. Zoostorm 2-5406 Advanced PC