You can already access Facebook through your phone's internet browser, but this free application is nevertheless a must for addicts of the social networking site.

Naturally, you can browse Facebook in an application designed for your BlackBerry's screen, keeping up to date with status updates, photographs and the events your friends are hosting, but the truly clever bit is the Facebook application's integration.

Give it the okay and your friends' contact details are downloaded to your phone and rolled into your contacts. That means you now get profile pictures for your contacts without needing to laboriously photograph and catalogue each of your friends.

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It does the same thing for upcoming events - if someone organises a party and you RSVP to it, the party is added to your BlackBerry's calendar, allowing you to set the same kinds of alerts for it as you can for other meetings.

The integration continues with home screen reminders - pokes, wall posts, messages and friend requests are all pushed to your phone just like email, so you'll never miss a beat. It's particularly useful if you ever use Facebook to keep you up to date with work colleagues.

Facebook for BlackBerry review: Specs

  • 1394 KB download, supports all BlackBerries
  • 1394 KB download, supports all BlackBerries


The BlackBerry's Facebook application was designed by RIM itself, and it shows. Once it's installed it's deeply integrated with your phone, and it's perfect for frequent users. Even if you only dip into Facebook every now and then it's still great - you can choose how tightly it integrates with your phone so it isn't distracting you every five minutes. The fact that it's free should seal the deal: a must-have.

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