Shopping and Facebook are big priorities for TalkTalk customers, it seems. Offering a cheaper broadband connection than some of the other big names here, most TalkTalk users reportedly pay around £15 to £20 a month for a combined landline phone and broadband bundle.

Email, BBC iPlayer, music streaming and instant messaging are all popular pursuits, along with general surfing and some academic research.

The most popular connection rate is 5 to 8Mbps and TalkTalk users tend to share their home broadband connection with only one or two other PCs or laptops. This connection is rarely as nippy as the headline speed suggests but, with a generous 40GB monthly download limit, most TalkTalk users reported that they are pretty happy with their lot. Perhaps this is because the real-world speed test we asked survey respondents to perform shows many users getting some pretty fast connections.

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A solid 81 percent of TalkTalk customers said they are satisfied overall, but customer service and technical support polled a disappointing 64 percent apiece. Varying terms and conditions across the country mean readers told us they had mixed experiences when trying to change to a different type of service with TalkTalk, however.

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TalkTalk: Specs

  • Landline, TalkTalk account
  • Landline, TalkTalk account


The lengthy 18-month contract and provision of ‘free’ bundled phone and broadband deals in some (LLU unbundled) areas but not others has wrong-footed some customers, while intermittent connections are a more common complaint. However, once the root of a problem has been established (often a lengthy process, it seems), TalkTalk reportedly goes to some length to resolve it. Overall, a mixed bag of results.