Once installed you can start using the Vimeo Android app that lets you watch featured videos, including animations, music videos, short films and staff picks, on your Android phone or Android tablet. Or you can search to find something of specific interest.  You can also log in to your existing Vimeo account or create a new one.  As we already had a Vimeo account we logged on, and all of our videos were displayed as thumbnails. All of our 'Favourites' and 'Saved for later viewing' videos were also available.

The Vimeo app has a clean and very well designed interface, which one would expect from such a well established internet brand.  

Vimeo interface

It is not labeled as an HD app, but we were delighted to find that the interface at least has been designed for Android tablets, and looks great on our 10.1in Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. On the lefthand side you have a menu with search, help, camera, camera roll, upload and stats. If your Android device has a built-in camera you can use it to capture video and upload it to your Vimeo account.

Alternatively you can use the upload function to upload any video you might have stored on your device. The camera roll function we found a bit strange as it just gave us access to videos stored locally on our tablet, but we still needed to choose an external player in order to watch the videos. The stats function, however, we found very interesting and useful as it gave us viewing information about our uploaded Vimeo videos. Like how many times a certain video was played and even from which country. See also: Best Android Apps.

The top half of the screen has thumbnails of videos, you navigate though the videos by scrolling across. Once tapped the video window and some information is displayed in the lower half of the screen. If you then flick the video window up, it moves to the top of the screen and more information, if available, is displayed bellow. Rotating our tablet to portrait mode puts the Vimeo app into portrait view with even better navigation functionality, as the video thumbnails are now arranged in a grid, which takes up two thirds of the screen.

Vimeo landscape

As we were using a Wi-Fi connection the video loading times were very quick. Most videos loaded in an instant. There is however a slight problem: videos look quite low res on a tablet screen. It seems that to gain the quick loading times, a sacrifice in video quality has been made. Watching on the Galaxy Tab's 10 inch screen in portrait orientation was fine, but when we turned the tablet to landscape, the videos got stretched to fill the screen and looked a bit pixelated. Some similar apps have a setting that allows you to change the video quality. Unfortunately we did not find an option to do this here.

Vimeo for Android: Specs

  • Requires Android: 2.3.7 and up
  • Requires Android: 2.3.7 and up


Overall the Vimeo app has a simple and very intuitive interface that is fun to navigate, and we didn't find any major problems when using it over Wi-Fi. Video loading times are impressive. However, we hope that a video resolution option will become available in future updates, so that we can enjoy more of the great HD content on your tablet, that is available on Vimeo.