Trend Micro was one of the pioneers of cloud-based security scanning for Windows, so it’s a surprise to find Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition so far down the middle order in AV-Test's lab test of 41 Android anti-malware apps.

In six out of 19 malware categories, it detected between 65-90% of malware sample, and in one category scored only 40-65%.

In 11 out of 19 malware categories it put in a better malware detection performance of 90 percent+. But several other Android security apps now saw consistently better results. See also: Group test: what's the best Android antivirus?

The interface is well designed, with sufficient information to allow you to make informed judgements about settings and actions in the event of rogue files being unearthed. 

You don’t have any say over what is scanned for malware. There’s an initial scan of what’s already installed, plus a real-time scanner that monitors what you subsequently install.

Our device scan took 41 seconds to check through 1484 files. 

Parental controls and website filters can be applied, though the latter’s list can’t be customised in the free version.

We applied the strict web filter instead, but this still served up plenty of adult images. With a ‘child’ filter applied, the parental controls automatically blocked several sites and prompted us to delete bookmarks that had appeared for several sites that were now deemed inappropriate.

A scan of content filters to each of three age settings gave us more than enough control for our needs. 

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