If you're fed up with arriving at a London bus stop, only to discover there's no countdown timer (the electronic display that indicates how long till the next bus arrives), so you have no idea when the next bus will come along, then London Bus Stop Live could be what you're looking for. 

(Editor's note: we do appreciate that not *everyone* lives in London, and that for non-smoke-dwellers London Bus Stop Live for Android is less than useful.)

The app, which is available for both Google Android smartphone or tablet, and Apple iPhones, uses data from the bus' onboard GPS system to predict how long it will take for the vehicle to arrive at your bus stop. According to the app's developer, TFL only recently opened up this data.

It's worth noting that TfL allows you to use a short text code to have this data sent to your mobile phone (although you will incur network charges). You can also visit its website to see this data, but there's no official app that offers the same services at present. 

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As soon as London Bus Stop Live is launched, the app identifies the nearest London bus stops from TfL's 20,000 across the capital. Alternatively, you can search or a specific bus stop by using the stop's name, eg Kingwood Avenue, or the text message short code, which is displayed at the top of the bus stop sign. It's also possible to display a map with all of the bus stops in the local area and select one this way.

Once you've selected the bus stop you want, you'll be presented with a list of bus routes that pass through that stop and how far away the next bus on those routes are. In our review we compared the data given by the app to that of the countdown timer on the bus stop, and it was identical. 

You can add bus stops you regularly use as your ‘favourites' and we love the fact it's possible to set an alarm, which is great if you tend to take the same bus each day. When the alarm goes off, you'll be presented with a reminder to check the live departure information for the bus stops you've previously selected so you know whether you need to hurry up or can take your journey to the bus stop at a leisurely pace.

London Bus Stop Live for Android: Specs

  • Android phone or tablet (iPhone version is available)
  • Android phone or tablet (iPhone version is available)


For 69p, London Bus Stop Live for Android is great value or money, and performs well. It certainly takes away the hassle of sending txt messages or opening your browser and navigating to TfL's live bus route information website and searching for the bus route every time.