Feedly is an Android app described by its makers as 'The Google Reader Magazine'. It's not a bad shout: this RSS and blog aggregator pulls in content from chosen feeds in order to create a personalised magazine-style publication for you to enjoy on your Android phone or Android tablet. We tested Feedly on our Nexus 7 tablet and Motorola Motoluxe smartphone. There's also a Feedly iPhone app and iPad app.

Feedly is chiefly famous for making RSS readers as standalone apps and browser extensions, but this app purports to be more than that. The Feedly app can also pull in content from YouTube and Tumblr. Its major claim to fame is that it arranges and displays your chosen content in a stylish 'magazine'-like way.

Open it up on your Android device and you will be given the option of associating it with your existing Google account (via which you adminster your smartphone or tablet). As with many Google services, Google Reader is almost perniciously efficient: even if you don't overtly use it, you may be surprised by how many feeds with which your account is associated.

Feedly app: design and navigation

The design is minimalist, and will be familiar to fans of tech blogs such as The Verge - simple but modern fonts in jet black against a plain white background. It sounds boring, and to some it may be so. But we found the Feedly app's aesthetic simple and pleasing to the eye. Articles are easy to read and arranged with clarity. Article continues below image...

Feedly app design

Feedly app navigation 1Navigating the Feedly Android app is straightforward. There are two main navigation buttons. In the top lefthand corner is a button that offers access to a drop-down featuring a list of categories. These include such self-explanatory titles as 'Today', 'Latest' and 'Saved for Later'. Many of these utilise Google+ and Facebook recommendations to rank popularity. Under this tab you can access your app's history and settings, too.

To the top right of the page within the Feedly Android app is a symbol that looks like a star or a compass. This offers access to a list of recommendations for RSS feeds to which you can subscribe, adding them in to your categories from the lefthand panel. The ones recommended for us were pretty good: mostly relevant tech sites, albeit with a sprinkling of random suggestions ('Smitten Kitchen', anyone?)

There's also a search bar via which you can find other sites to which you wish to subscribe. And, of course, this information synchs back to your Google Account. It's really easy to use, but then it should be: Feedly is not attempting anything complicated, merely trying to aggragate your reading in a stylish way.

Feedly for Android Expert Verdict »

Feedly app navigation 2

Feedly for Android: Specs

  • REQUIRES ANDROID: 2.2 and up
  • REQUIRES ANDROID: 2.2 and up


A simple and good-looking content-aggregator app for Android smartphones and tablets, Feedly will be a good install for anyone who finds themselves heading hither and thither to read stories from their favourite sites, blogs and YouTube channel.