For all of us amateur guitar players, who think we're still going to sell out stadiums and finish a UK tour at Wembley stadium, there is a handy little app that will feed the delusional dream nicely.

It's called Ultimate Guitar Tabs and it's a neat little spin-off from the mother-site The original ultimateGuitar website is another one of those user generated content websites that has exploded in terms of popularity. In a nutshell, the website relies on users to write down the chords used in songs and upload them to the ultimateGuitar website in either a conventional chord format, or the newly developed tab form - which is basically a simplified way to  read and write music.

After members have uploaded their tabs or chords to the ultimateGuitar site, they are then open to be given start ratings from the site's users to determine how accurate their tabs work is. This has been going on for over a decade and now the ultimateGuitar database has accurate tabs for pretty much any song you could possibly think of. To be brutally honest, all this £1.82 app does is give you access to that database, in a structure that is more suitable for your Android device.

There are also a few handy features thrown into the mix that, sort of, justify you spending money on something you could get for free online - the most notabke is the ability to save your favourite tabs on your device so you can access them offline.

Like the website, this app has the great feature where you can click on unfamiliar chords and it will show you where you put your fingers to play them. Ultimate Guitar Tabs also comes with the amazingly helpful autoscroll feature, that lets you automatically scroll the page down at a pace set by you. This is invaluable if you want to play a new song all the way through without having to stop bring in the rest of the song's chords.

A final feature of note that the app brings to your Android, is the preloaded 'Tab packs' that comes with the app. This is basically a set of tabs that have been downloaded and categorised for you to browse, should you need some inspiration as to what song to learn next. The categories are split up into genre and or difficulty, so there's something for everyone.

The only downside to this app, other than having to pay for it, is that it is only designed for certain Android devices. The effect this had on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 used to review the app, was that the home-screen suffered from a small amount of overlapping text, but nothing major.

Get it, learn Blackbird, grow your hair.


Great app with an incredible about of guitar tabs in its database, but it's not really worth the money as it's all free online anyway.