FACEinHOLE is a 99p app for Android that lets you be whoever you want to be, putting your face on someone else's body. You can get that great figure you always wanted, see what you'd look like on the cover of a fashion magazine, or try your hand as Kermit's girlfriend, Miss Piggy. More importantly, it's great for a giggle: after all, FACEinHOLE also lets you add your friends' faces to images, then share them by email or upload them to Facebook.

We don't condone laughing at your friends' expense in this manner, of course, which is why we like the app's ability to filter images depending on the number of 'holes' it contains. FACEinHOLE is the digital equivalent of those wooden cutouts you get at fairgrounds and amusements, where a hole has been cut out for you to pull a funny face through while someone captures it on camera. With several holes available in some images, you can share the embarrassment with your friends.

A huge selection of images is available, with more added all the time. Some are of an adult nature, but a recent update by Lisbon Labs allows you to apply a family filter. This is removed just as easily as it's added, however. A PIN or other security feature might have been useful here to prevent kids turning off the filter.

Templates are separated into categories, which include Advertising, Art, Books & Magazines, Costumes, Film & TV, Miscellaneous, Kids, Music, People & Celebrities, and Sports. We found some images that appear in several categories, and others that don't appear to belong to the set they're in. It can also take a while to load all the images available, particularly if you're using a 3G rather than Wi-Fi connection; we recommend using the Search function if you have a particular image in mind.

FACEinHOLE interface

Once you've selected your template, you'll need to import a photo from your image library or Facebook account, or take one using your Android device's camera. The latter can often offer the best solution, since you'll want a headshot of your victim with their hair off their face and preferably facing straight on. Of course, this may mean you will have to admit what you're up to. Don't worry if their head is tilted slightly, since you can rotate images within the app. And note that if your template has more than one hole, it's the grey hole you'll be filling first.

When you've added your chosen image, use the controls at the top of the screen to move the head into place, zoom in or out to fill the hole, and rotate (or 'Pan') the image to achieve the correct angle. These options work effectively, but we found it frustrating that the app doesn't support gestures such as pinch-to-zoom. We also had to keep switching between the Move and Zoom tools to accurately place the image.

A series of sliders at the bottom of the screen then lets you adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and hue, which can help the finished image look a little less 'Photoshopped' (assuming you aren't using a cartoon or celebrity template). There's also an Undo function, should you decide an image looked better prior to your adjustments. Be careful not to press the button at the top left, which looks like an Undo button but actually returns you to the main menu, with you losing whatever you were in the middle of; we're referring to the Undo function at the bottom right.

Unfortunately, FACEinHOLE zooms into the part of the image you're editing, and you can't zoom out to check the colours match the rest of the template – or your second image, if you have more than one hole. It's frustrating that you can't go back into an image for editing once you've pressed Okay or moved on to the next image, too.

The Okay button itself is a bigger problem, however, and very tricky to select. Many a time we tried to press the button and inadvertently moved the image, or the app registered our command as both Move (or Zoom or Pan) and Okay, meaning we had to start all over again.


  • Google Android 1.7 or later
  • 1MB
  • Google Android 1.7 or later
  • 1MB


FACEinHOLE is a great app for humiliating your friends, but it's one that might quickly get forgotten. Some of the images are of an adult nature, and its filtering system is in need of a more robust way to stop children turning it off. We also found a few problems with the interface.