Bullguard Mobile Security is pretty basic. The app costs £19.99 and offers moderate protection from web-borne threats and assorted Android malware.

Bullguard plans to update its Android product for both Android 4.0 phones and tablets, and Android 3.x tablets. 

At present, you need to download BullGuard Mobile Security direct from its site and either install the app from your device or, if on a smartphone, have the link sent by text. See also: Group test: what's the best Android antivirus?

Since BullGuard Mobile Security's signature updates are cloud-based, the virus definitions should be up-to-date and on-demand scanning takes only a second or two. 

AV-Test seemed largely satisfied with how well this works.

Bullguard Mobile Security got a 90-percent efficacy report for 11 out of 19 malware types it tested for, with other categories not far behind.

However, in two cases, Bullguard failed entirely – Rooter and Xsider were totally missed. It’s a good thing Android allows multiple security app installations – another anti-virus app may catch them. But do you want to waste more time running additional security?

We did notice that Bullguard Mobile Security actively scanned apps we subsequently downloaded and installed, giving us its all-clear for most. It flagged ESET as spyware, however.

If you wish, you can back up your contacts and calendars to Bullguard’s servers.

Parental controls are Bullguard Mobile Security’s only other feature. There’s an overview mode seemingly showing that picture messaging and texts are blocked but calls are allowed. There’s no mechanism for changing the settings, rendering this feature rather redundant. 



Bullguard had conspicuous holes in its malware detection armour and has little else to offer in features. We’d hope for improvements in the next version, especially given that Bullguard expects users to pay £20 a year for its sub-par security.