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  • PDF to Image

    PDF to Image

    Convert PDF pages to JPG or BMP

    Freeware     |    ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings      Download

  • CSWall 3.1

    CSWall 3.1

    Set desktop wallpaper to

    Freeware     |    ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings      Download

  • Hands-on: MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro review

    Hands-on: MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro review

    Take a GeForce GTX 1070 anywhere with this super-thin and light gaming laptop

    02 Jun 2017     Price from: Free

  • Grammarly for Firefox 8.765.918

    Grammarly for Firefox 8.765.918

    Check spelling and grammar when you type online

    Freeware     |    ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings      Download

  • Turtleneck earphone sleeve review

    Turtleneck earphone sleeve review

    Simple sleeve stops headphone cable, wires knots, or AirPods lost

    02 Jun 2017     Price from: £21     ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

  • LG G6 review

    LG G6 review

    LG stands tall with the G6, a bigger screened high-end Android handset that will battle it out with Samsung

    02 Jun 2017     Price from: £649     ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

  • The best microSD cards

    The best microSD cards

    Expert buying advice so you get the best microSD card for your device

    02 Jun 2017

  • AUTOSET 1.4.5

    AUTOSET 1.4.5

    Automatically change device settings

    No Trial Available. Purchase Only     |    ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings      Download

  • JoyoBox Cleaner 5.2

    JoyoBox Cleaner 5.2

    A versatile PC cleanup suite

    Freeware     |    ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings      Download

  • Adobe Scan 17.05.31

    Adobe Scan 17.05.31

    Scan documents to create editable PDFs with your mobile

    Freeware     |    ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings      Download

  • Dipiscan 2.0

    Dipiscan 2.0

    A speedy and versatile network scanner

    Freeware     |    ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings      Download

  • Moto G5 review

    Moto G5 review

    We've reviewed with the latest in the Moto G-series - and it might be our favourite yet

    01 Jun 2017     Price from: £169     ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

  • The best PDF editors for 2017

    The best PDF editors for 2017

    Which is the best: Adobe, Nuance, Foxit, Nitro or something else?

    01 Jun 2017

  • Game Wake 3.4

    Game Wake 3.4

    A simple desktop timer/ alarm

    Freeware     |    ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings      Download

  • Hands-on: Asus ROG Zephyrus review

    Hands-on: Asus ROG Zephyrus review

    Gaming laptops are more portable than ever thanks to Nvidia Max-Q

    01 Jun 2017     Price from: £2699

  • Hands-on: DJI Spark review

    Hands-on: DJI Spark review

    This is the drone you'll actually want to buy

    31 May 2017     Price from: £519

  • Bitdefender Home Scanner

    Bitdefender Home Scanner

    Check your network devices for vulnerabilities

    Freeware     |    ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings      Download

  • TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Starter Kit review

    TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Starter Kit review

    The fastest Powerline adapters we've ever tested

    31 May 2017     Price from: £99     ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

  • LXtory 0.97

    LXtory 0.97

    Upload screenshots to Imgur, Dropbox, FTP, more

    Open Source     |    ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings      Download

  • ContaCam 7.0.0

    ContaCam 7.0.0

    Capture and record webcam footage

    Freeware     |    ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings      Download

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