The hype around wearable tech and what you can do with it has now reached the point where you can no longer tell real ideas from satire.

As wearable tech has grown from single purpose devices with genuine usefulness – such as fitness trackers – to trying to strap a mobile computer to your wrist, tech journalists have fawned over every new launch as if its as groundbreaking as the iPhone – no matter how ridiculous.

Thankfully we can rely on some old-school British humour to puncture a balloon around wearable tech with one of those meme-based generator sites that all your friends and colleagues will be telling you about later this week.

What the Fuck is My Wearable Strategy? was created by Daniel O'Connor, a digital strategist at London-based ad agency Possible. Which, we're guessing, is why there are so many references to pints, nightbuses and other things not usually in the messaging of Calfornia- or Korea-based hardware developers.

The site's suggestions are funny but after months of kooky ideas, many of these sound surprisingly plausible. So tenable-sounding are some of its ideas that we're keeping a record of what's on What the Fuck is My Wearable Strategy? and will be citing it when we inevitably get pitched real products with near-identical concepts.