Apple has long been at the top of the most valuable brands chart - in 2013 it was worth nearly twice as much as any other brand on the planet at $104.3 billion versus Microsoft in second place, valued at $56.7 billion. Coca-cola slotted in at number 3 (the only non-tech company to make the top five), worth $54.9 billion.

In 2014, Google has overtaken Apple by virtue of a huge 40% increase in value. It's now worth $159 billion ahead of Apple's $148 billion. The infographic below shows the rest of the top 10 firms, along with some of the reasons why Google stole top spot from Apple this year.

The chart was created by from Millward Brown's latest data and shows that:

  • Google’s strategy is to excite the crowds by launching beta versions (such as Google Glass) early on while Apple prefers to perfect its products before their release
  • The top 4 most valuable brands are all tech companies
  • Apple has the biggest drop in value (by 40%) among the top 10 brands on the list

Top 10 most valuable brands infographic

Infographic courtesy of: | Emily Bead