I was one of a great many people who thought the iPad would be a flop. Along with every PC enthusiast the world over, I couldn’t see how a ‘toy’ could encroach on the PC’s territory.

What possible use had these tablets? We already had PCs, laptops, netbooks and smartphones. Surely no-one would need a device that sat somewhere between a laptop and a smartphone.

Now, of course, it’s easy to look back and see just how wrong we all were. The original iPad was announced a mere three months after Windows 7 shipped, ushering in the post-PC era in which we now live. The tablet is the new personal computer.

The days of sitting at your PC to check and send emails are gone. And tablets are pretty adept at other common PC tasks, too. On a tablet, browsing the web, posting on Facebook, and editing- and sharing photos isn’t merely possible – it’s better. Your tablet is now your e-reader, your catch-up TV portal and your portable video-calling device.

The best tablets are still more affordable than even a mid-range desktop PC or laptop, and have better-than-full-HD resolutions. Few PC monitors can match their pixel-perfect displays.

Naturally, PCs will remain the obvious choice for business, since even Apple has yet to figure out how to make a spreadsheet easier to use on a tablet than a laptop or desktop computer. But, for virtually everything else, a tablet is now the obvious choice. More portable than a laptop, and with a longer-lasting battery, what’s not to like?

And I haven’t even mentioned their intuitiveness. Even a toddler could find their way around iOS and Android, particularly if they’re given a ‘playpen’ version with which they are locked into a sandboxed environment of kids’ games, apps, videos and books.

I will always be one of the PC’s most ardent supporters, but we’ve all got to accept that its future is sat on a desk in an office, or used by increasingly few gaming enthusiasts and creative pros.

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