AutoTrader for iPad

Auto Trader is where most people turn when buying a used car. The website is good, but if you have an iPad or iPhone, the app is well worth installing. It's free, but you can pay for a 'premium' subscription on the iPad if you want extra features.

The app isn't universal, so we'll concentrate on the iPad version here since it's nicer to use than the iPhone one. See also: How to download iOS 7.

As you'd expect, you can search for cars using the same filters as you'd find on the website. These include age, mileage, seller type and specific keywords.

When you create an account and sign in, you can save searches and easily run them again. Results are displayed as thumbnails – tapping on a car takes you to a more detailed view where you can read the description and view a selection of images. You can zoom to a full-screen view as well.

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The quality of photos is dependent on the seller, but can be very high resolution. This means you might be able to spot minor damage.

If you see a car that looks good, you can save it to your 'garage' and compare cars side by side. Tabs down the side change the view from summary to performance/economy, running costs and other data.

Depending on the seller type, you might get options to see the location on a map, email them or visit a dealer's website. If it's a private seller, you see only the distance as the crow flies from your current location or a postcode.

(On the iPhone app, there's a button to call the seller and another to check a vehicle's history. We don't recommend using this £6.99 check if you want to ensure there's no outstanding finance owing on the car, as it doesn't include this information.)

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AutoTrader Premium

Auto Trader Premium

If you're serious about car hunting, it's worth subscribing to the Premium version of the app. It's £2.99 per week, or £5.99 for a month.

For this, you get an extra panel when you tap on car. This shows how the price compares to Auto Trader's valuation, how many days the advert has been live and how many people saved it to their garage. It also shows any price changes, so you can see if the seller has dropped or increased the price since listing the car.

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You'll also get to see newly listed vehicles before non-Premium subscribers, giving you a slight head-start.


With thousands of cars to choose between, Auto Trader is a great place to look for a used car. The iPad app is much more manageable than the website, and is a no-brainer since it's free. We like the Premium features which are worth the small cost.

9/10 Recommended

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