Samsung Galaxy and Ativ event

We expect new Galaxy and Ativ tablets, laptops, smartphones and cameras. Are we right?

Samsung tomorrow is holding a much-anticipated launch event. The Samsung Premiere 2013 Galaxy & Ativ event in London will see the Korean tech giant launching new smartphones and gadgets that you will be reading about for the next few months. You can follow the Galaxy & Ativ event tomorrow evening on our sister site PC Advisor, and there's a YouTube live feed from Samsung, which we'll embed. In this feature I'll examine what you should expect from tomorrow's event. I 'll probably be wrong. But we all love to speculate, right? (See also: How to edit the Samsung Galaxy S4's Lock Screen.)

Will Samsung launch new laptops, convertibles and all-in-ones?

Almost certainly.

Intel 4th-gen Core Haswell processors is here so Samsung is bound to be refreshing its thin-and-light laptop range soon. But rather than a Series 10 I reckon the 'Ativ' name must be in the invite for some reason. So my guess is that Samsung will launch a range of Haswell Ultrabooks, branded as Ativ. Expect a couple of weird and wonderful designs, too, to rival such convertibles as the Dell XPS 12. And if the Ativ name is the new PC brand, expect it to be appended to living room all-in-one PCs and tablets, too.

Will Samsung launch new tablets and phones?

Almost, almost certainly.

How could you have a Galaxy event without tablets and phones? On the smartphone side Samsung currently seems obsessed with launching Galaxy S4 offshouts - the Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy S4 Zoom being the two most recent. It's possible that we'll see a new mutant S4, and there may be news about an LTE-Advanced Galaxy S4 (not much use on these shores). But the Ativ brand could be stretched down to smartphones - it's possible, although I wouldn't bet on it, that Samsung will launch an Ativ-branded Windows Phone. Watch this space. And read our piece: what's the best Samsung Galaxy smartphone?

I'd say it's likely we'll see a Windows tablet, though. If Samsung is refreshing it's Intel/Windows laptop range the tablets should be updated too. So we look forward to a Windows-running Samsung Ativ tab. And maybe some new Android tablets. The trick will be getting Windows on to a slim and light tab in the vein of the Galaxy Tab. But given that Samsung is now using Intel chips in its Android tablets, that should be a done deal.

Will Samsung launch the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2?

I'm going to stick my neck out and say that this is the 'Galaxy' of the Galaxy & Ativ event title. The recent and relatively unheralded arrival of the Galaxy S4 Zoom suggests to me that there is a new Galaxy Camera in the works. The original Galaxy Camera came out in August 2012, and Samsung doesn't like to allow a year to go inbetween product upgrades. So I wouldn't be surprised if a 20Mp camera comes along. It's possible the 'Galaxy Zoom' moniker may make a reappearance.

Will Samsung launch the Galaxy Note 3?

Wild card.

A week ago I'd have said that the odds were squarely against the Note 3 being announced tomorrow. But as the event grows closer I become less sure of myself. But I think it's wishful thinking. Typically Samsung has launched its Note phablets at the IFA show, this year in early September. If I was a betting man I'd still stick a fiver on that being the launch date. But there is just a possibility that Samsung will want to focus the world's minds on the upcoming Note with a detail-free mention tomorrow. After all the high-end, big screen smartphone world is extremely crowded right now, and Samsung won't want any Galaxy users to leak to Huawei, Sony or HTC.

Samsung Premiere 2013 Galaxy & Ativ event: the verdict

So follow our coverage on PC Advisor tomorrow, and then pop back to tell me how wrong I was (unless I change everything in the meant time to make myself look clever.)

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