HUAWEI Ascend P6

When we look at the HUAWEI Ascend P6's slim and shapely form, we can't help but bring to mind a fruity rival phone.

To no-one's great surprise Chinese tech behemoth HUAWEI today announced the Ascend P6. It's a stylish Android Jelly Bean smartphone. The slimmest in the world, says HUAWEI, measuring just over 6mm and weighing in at a sylph-like 120g, or thereabouts.

We have to say that first impressions are good. With a quad-core processor running at 1.5GHz performance should be good. And Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is as good as it gets in Android world. Other specs are impressive too: a pair of 5Mp and 8Mp cameras, a 2,000mAh battery and a 4.7in HD display all put the Ascend in the top echelon of current smartphones. And it looks stylish, too. All of which is exciting, if a little samey in a world in which there are now multiple top-end Androids battling for attention. (The Ascend's price of around £450 is hardly a key differentiator.)

So take a look at the Ascend P6 and ask yourself of what it reminds you.

HUAWEI Ascend P6: It's an iPhone!

Pink iPhone

The Ascend is the one on the screen...

Now, nobody is suggesting that HUAWEI has stolen anything from Apple here, in a design sense of otherwise. And of course Apple has, <coughs> played homage to the best technologies of rival manuafacturers itself over the years to its own advantage. [I think I mentioned Samsung once, but I got away with it.]

Indeed, to my mind one of the nice things about the iPhone 5 as opposed to all other smartphones is that its slim format is different to the massive slabs of phone that proliferate elsewhere (I'm looking at you, Galaxy Phones, Sony Xperia Z et al). Aside from anything else it allows for comfortable one-handed use - which is a great euphemism for something.

So bravo to HUAWEI for following Apple's lead and doing something a little different in terms of basic smartphone design. And bravo for coming up with one easily discernable visual clue that this isn't an Apple phone. The Ascend P6 comes in pink. Even allowing for the colourful designs foisted on iPods and iMacs over the years, I don't expect to see a pink iPhone any time soon. (Although 'pink iPhone' is the best euphemism I have heard for a long while. For something.)

HUAWEI Ascend PC: Ten years younger

The other interesting aspects of the HUAWEI Ascend P6 relate to the bloatware/software extras included on top of that provided by Google. The one that really caught our eye is a photo app called 'instant facial beauty support'. This, HUAWEI says, can make the subject of a photo look 10 years younger. Can't wait to try it out, but in the mean time here is our attempt to do the same thing using only Vine...

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