The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a good smartphone, but it's not as great as it should be. Here's 5 reasons why you shouldn't buy the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Five reasons you shouldn't buy the Samsung Galaxy S5

1.    Looks like every other Samsung phone - Is that the GS5?

You take your smartphone everywhere with you, it's almost a fashion accessory and needs to “go” with everything. So if you're going to be forking out more than £500 for a device in 2014, you want it to look like it's a £500+ smartphone, and the Galaxy S5 simply doesn't, it's far too similar to the previous three Galaxy smartphones. The HTC One (M8), iPhone 5S, Sony Xperia Z (entire range) all look the part, while the Galaxy S5 is dated and fugly. See also Samsung Galaxy S5 video review.

2.    TouchWiz isn't as good as other Android user interfaces

TouchWiz is a peculiar one, as its there to give users a premium smartphone experience. However, after using other high-end phone's with more vanilla versions Android running, we can safely say that TouchWiz is actually more annoying than it is useful. There is defiantly a line of best fit when it comes to Android customisation, and brands like HTC and Sony toe this line well, Samsung does not. Take a look at Have smartphones hit a technology ceiling? Why you should sit out this generation of flagship.

3.    Heart rate monitor is gimmicky - few people actually need/want one on a phone.

Part of the reason the Nexus smartphones are so great is because they are not full of features and specification that people don't want or need. Samsung has loaded the S5 with software that most people don't want – think TouchWiz interface – Samsung does this again with its physical specs and the latest feature that you are not going to use (but you're still paying for) is the built-in heart rate monitor. It's a gimmicky feature that few people want or need from their smartphone...longer battery life for example would be a lot more useful.

4.    Only 10GB available out of 16GB storage

This is an aspect of smartphone that all manufacturers are guilty of, but Samsung really take the mick. As we've mentioned above, Samsung spend a lot of time and resource on equipping the Galaxy Smartphone's with features that people neither want, need, or will ever use. The knock on effect of this is that it takes up precious storage space on your smartphone, 6GB of storage space to be precise. Not cool.

5.    It feels rubbish

The best way we can describe how the Galaxy S5 feels, is by asking you to imagine the inside of a London Taxi…and now imagine that in smartphone form. It's plastic, flimsy and aesthetically similar. If this is what you want from a phone then the Galaxy S5 is for you, if it's not, then I suggest you look elsewhere.

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