Sony Xperia Z

The Sony Xperia Z has a tough, durable design and build quality but we understand if you've splashed five hundred smackers or pay a pricing and lengthy contract and there for want to protect it from day-to-day bumps and scratches.

After all, when you come to upgrade, the better condition your phone is in, the more dosh you're going to get for it to put towards a new smartphone.

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So, even though it doesn't really need one, we've rounded up some cases for the Sony Xperia Z. There's a small selection here of different types but we'll be adding more over the coming weeks so check back.

Flexishield - £9.99

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A case in its most basic form is a moulded silicone skin for the phone and that's exactly what the Flexishield is. Our review sample came in purple which will suit those of you with the purple Xperia Z but it also looks good with the black model and we imagine maybe even the white version. It also comes in black, white, red and blue.

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The phone slots easily into the case one end at a time and you're away. Cut-outs for camera, speaker, ports and other bits and pieces line-up perfectly which is great. It's easy to open and close the Xperia Z's water and dustproof flaps. We're unsure whether the contacts for a charging dock will still connect properly as we don't have a dock.

There are no cut-outs for the buttons, but the power button has a clear section over it so you can see Sony's nice design. We found it very difficult to use the volume buttons, though.

Rating - 3.5/5

CaseMate Barely There - £18

If silicone isn't enough protection for you then the CaseMate Barely There from O2 might suffice. It's a hard shell which covers the back and sides of the Xperia Z. The Barely There got off to a good start by fitting our Xperia Z very well.

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The port covers for the headphone socket and microUSB are nicely accessible and the cut-outs on the rear side are spot on. There is a cut-out for the power and volume buttons but the case protrudes further than both and there's little room to operate the buttons. Furthermore, the metal contacts for a docking station are covered up so you'll have to remove the case completely if you use this facility.

Although the Barely There offers good protection for the back and sides, the case is a little on the thick side and when the phone is placed on a flat surface it rocks between opposite corners.

Rating - 3/5

CaseMate Barely There for Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z Wallet case - £12.99

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Some cases offer extra functionality than just protecting your precious smartphone. This wallet case does what it suggests and allows you to store things like credit cards and train tickets in two slots. There's also room behind these for bank notes and receipts.

Sony Xperia X Wallet case

At £12.99 the case doesn't ooze quality but it does the job well. The fake leather effect on the outside and textured finish inside gives it a feminine feel. When closed via a magnetic catch, it looks just like a typical purse.

The phone fits well and cut-outs are accurate but we found the phone difficult to use with this case. The magnetic catch section can be folded round to the back but the front cover wants to close in on the phone which gets pretty frustrating.

Rating – 3/5

OverBoard large phone case - £17.99

The Xperia Z is a waterproof phone but it does have its limits. You can only use it in up to one meter of water for no longer than 30 minutes. If this isn't quite enough for you - maybe you scuba dive – then check out the OverBoad phone case. Since the Xperia Z is a 5in device, we took a look at the large model.

It's essentially a pouch which you put your device into, seal up, and away you go. It's submersible to six meters and you can still use the touchscreen. Furthermore, if you run into any trouble in the water the pouch floats to make sure you don't lose it.

It's by no means an everyday case so you might want to buy it alongside a regular one. The pouch is supplied with a carabiner and a neck lanyard.  

Rating – 4/5

OverBoard large phone case for Sony Xperia Z

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