5 reasons you should do all of your Xmas shopping online

Cyber Monday (today – first Monday in December) is traditionally the busiest day of the year for online shopping. This year Visa predicts that the UK is set to spend £450 million online in just one day. See How to power Christmas tree lights using Brussels sprouts.

If you're caught in two-minds about whether to do your Xmas shopping online this year, then spend a couple of minutes reading these five reasons as to why you should ditch the high street this Yuletide… and every year afterwards. See also: What's the best tablet in the UK?

5 reasons you should do all of your Xmas shopping online:

1. Because it's the easiest way to do your shopping

First of all, why wouldn't you do all of your shopping online this year? You don't need to get wrapped up in coats and scarves to battle the elements (only to get cooked alive by shops that insist on having their heating on full) to buy any of your shopping this year. It's all online! Simply go to a search engine, type in what you want, and then click to buy. Then check Facebook for a couple of minutes and do it all again for the next favourite member of your family. What could be easier than that? 1-0 to the internet.

2. Shop around for the best deals easily – online only sales

There is no easier way to check for the best price on a gift this year than to do it on your laptop/desktop PC. Any sane person would spend two minutes doing this for each gift they buy, rather than making mental notes of prices when they visit Currys, Dixons, Tesco or Argos when doing the rounds this year.

Plus... lots of companies offer online-only sales. Why? Well, any company that has the option to store its stock in a warehouse in the middle of nowhere (Swansea), rather than on the shelves of a high street shop, is going to be able to save money on storage and therefore be in a better position to pass on savings to customers. This is the very essence of why online retail is so good and popular, and another reason to do all your shopping exclusively online to let the revolution gather yet more pace… meaning more deals next year! 2-0.

3. There will be no other people to annoy you

This, for a lot of us, is the only reason you need to do all your Xmas shopping online. Being in a shop that is rammed full of carrier-bag-wielding lunatics simply isn't a fun experience - and if you think it is, then you are the biggest problem/culprit as to why Xmas shopping on the high street is such a pain, and you should also do your shopping online for the common good. 3-0.

4. It's free

Spend a Saturday on the high street and you're going to pay for petrol and parking; or public transport, which is a whole other sort of Hell. Then after a few hours of not finding the gifts you wanted, you're bound to be thirsty and peckish, so you are going to buy lunch/dinner.  Do this a couple of times in December – and you will, because no one ever manages it in one outing – and it starts to add up.

Compare that with sitting at home, drinking/eating your own supplies. Also, all stores (good ones anyway) offer deals on free delivery if you spend a certain amount too. It's win-win really. 4-0

5. Someone else has to carry everything to your home

Imagine having your own army of staff who will carry all of your Xmas shopping to your front door, no matter how big or small it is. (By now I'm sure you know what I am going to say), that exactly what you get with doing your shopping online, it's a no brainer really. 5-0.

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