5 ways to improve Android Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop is here and we love it – you can read our full Lollipop review on PC Advisor – but it's not flawless. Here are five things we think could make Android Lollipop better and therefore what we want to see in Android M (or an update to Lollipop). See also: Top 10 Android Lollipop tips, tricks and hidden features.

Landscape homescreen for phones

It's a completely normal thing to do on tablet – use the OS in portrait or landscape. The Nexus 7 was originally portrait-only but Google quickly fixed this. And we think it's about time the feature came to Android smartphones.

With screen sizes increasing and many phablets now on the market, including the massive Nexus 6, Android really needs landscape support for phones. Apple has proven it works with the iPhone 6 Plus so there's no excuses.

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Better multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is great on Android Lollipop but we feel it could be better. Native ability to run two apps side-by-side would be a great start even though this will only work well on larger screen devices.

Another idea we had is the ability to switch quickly to your last used app by double tapping the recent apps buttons (the square in Lollipop).

Customisable quick settings

The two-stage drop down notification bar looks great in Lollipop with the new Material Design and gorgeous animations. Alongside screen brightness you can adjust eight different settings like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

What we want is something you can do on many manufacturer user interfaces – the ability to customise which quick settings are displayed. After all, not everyone cares about auto-rotate and screen casting – they might want Wi-Fi hotspot or battery saving mode at their fingertips.

Android Lollipop quick settings

Synchronised notifications

We've said this before and we'll say it again in the hope Google will take note. When you own multiple devices – even just a smartphone and a tablet – it's really annoying to have to clear notifications on one which you've already seen and possibly actioned on the other.

We want an Android OS where swiping a notification away means it's gone for good, across all devices.

Ultra battery saving mode

Google has made improvements in terms of battery saving in Lollipop but we want to see a little bit more on this front - it's longer battery life we all want.

Many smartphones from Google's manufacturing partners have come with ultra battery saving modes. This puts the screen into black and white, switches off anything which uses power like Wi-Fi and gives you access to basic features such as text messages and calls. In general an ultra battery saving mode can get 24 hours from 10 percent battery charge. It can be a real life saver so we want to see it in stock Android.

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