Logitech G500s gaming mouse

Logitech has clearly thought about the design of the G500s. It has textured 'dry grip' sides which aid, er, grip – almost like sandpaper which doesn't hurt – and a hydrophobic coating on the palm and main button areas to minimise stickiness. In our experience this works well.

Build quality is good and although we can't really test it, Logitech says the buttons have a 20 million-click lifespan. Low friction feet can apparently so 250km. A two meter braided USB cord is included so there's no running out of battery power mid-game here. See also: the five crappest tech products of all time.

Logitech G500s gaming mouse

If you want to scroll quickly through a long document, you can put the scroll wheel into a free-spinning mode by clicking the button just behind it. Handy for long documents and also a fun way of seeing how quickly your Facebook or Twitter feed can load more content. The wheel can spin for quite a while if given a good flick.

The downloadable Logitech Gaming Software allows you to setup the G500s to the way you game. For starters, you can set three different DPI (dots per inch) sensitivity levels (up to a whopping 8200 DPI) which can be switched between on the fly using the plus and minus buttons. Three LEDs above a cool little running man indicate which level you're using.

You can also use the software to customise the buttons and if multiple users want to game with the G500s they can set up their own profiles. However, it would be nice if this could be done on the mouse itself.

Logitech G500s gaming mouse

Customising your experience further is the addition of weights. There are two different weights included in a handy little tin and a card with holes for the weights slots in underneath the G500s like some kind of security card. You can add up to 27g of weight to the mouse.


If you want a decent, well-built gaming mouse without spending shed loads of cash then look no further than the Logitech G500s. The mouse looks the part and has a good set of customisable gaming features.

Price: £59

Score: 8/10