Why you shouldn't buy your gadgets at launch

A while ago I explained why you shouldn't get a smartphone on a contract so this is a sort of part two blog where I plea with you not to buy gadgets as soon as they are released.

Things move fast in the technology world, especially when it comes to smartphone and tablets which are refreshed with new models/generations as quickly as every six months. The constant race and competition to produce something better is a good thing and creates a lot of hype for the next big thing – particularly flagships handsets like the next iPhone and Galaxy S.

For most consumers who are into tech, there's a strong desire to have the latest piece of kit as soon as it's available. That's why we provide in-depth details over on PC Advisor on when and where new devices will be launched and how much they will cost. Whether that desire simply fulfils a warm satisfactory feeling or bragging rights at the pub, it's pretty normal.

I love a good bargain and getting the best value for money possible so if you’re not like me then this blog might not persuade you but there are serious savings to be made if you can have a little patience.

There's a lot of hype around devices when they launch but with the fast moving technology world, as soon as they've arrived, we're immediately thinking about what's next. I trend I've noticed is that the price of gadgets, particularly smartphones, drops very quickly after the release date has passed - sometimes within weeks so I'm not talking about waiting until it's an outdated model.

You can pick up some good bundles or freebies if you pre-order a device sometimes but it's rare. If you can hang on a while, you'll get a still very new device at a really good price (rhyme unintended).

For example, the LG G3 (which is still number 1 in the PC Advisor smartphone chart) launched at around £500 and has been dropping in price ever since. It's still a top notch device and we're still a good few months away from it being replaced by a new model but you can pick it up for as little as £319.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is big name handset and has fallen from £579 to £399 since it's been on sale.

Exceptions to the rule

I've notices this trend in smartphones and tablets mainly and it's worth it for other tech products too, there are some exceptions.

Apple products do not drop in price until a new model is released so you're not going to save any dosh by holding onto your existing device for a little longer. However, if you do buy on launch day at a physical store you've got to brave one of the infamous queues.

Others which will hold price include Google's Nexus devices, at least, if you buy them from the Play store.