Octa TabletTail Monkey Kit

Tablet cases typically include some way of holding the device for hands-free viewing, but at one or maybe two angles can get quite limited. The Octa TabletTail MonkeyKit aims to give much more freedom.

The strange looking device consists firstly of a vacuum suction cup. You simply place your tablet onto the cup, pump the little button a few times and hey presto, your tablet is being held for you. The suction is strong and works with all iPads, most other tablets and eReaders. If the cup starts to lose its grip, the button gradually pops back out so you can give it a top-up pump.

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The suction cup can be rotated so you can easily switch your attached device between portrait and landscape. It's also got a handy locking system so you can keep it in just the right position.

Octa TabletTail Monkey Kit arm

The other half of the Octa TabletTail MonkeyKit is a long, bendable arm which looks a bit like a monkey tail. This is coated in a soft, but grippy rubber silicon. Octa's aim is that the two combined give you an all-purpose positioning system for your iPad or other device.

We found that the gadget works well when curled round into a stand, making it great for a desk as you can put the attached device effectively wherever you want. It can take some time to get the arm moulded into the right position though.

Octa TabletTail Monkey Kit leg

You can do all manner of things with the MonkeyKit such as hang it from a hook (if you should want to) or bend the arm round your leg. Although the arm is supposed to grip to a chair leg or arm, we found it very hard to get it into a position where the tablet stayed still.

Even when we did, using the touchscreen on a tablet attached to the MonkeyKit made the whole thing wobble like jelly which is less than ideal.


The Octa TabletTail Monkey kit is an innovative and versatile stand which will work with most tablets and eReaders. However, it's fairly pricey and has its limitations.

Price: £49

Score: 7/10