ChargeCard Thin

If you're always finding yourself needing to charge your smartphone or tablet then the ChargeCard Thin could be just the thing for you.

We're always using our smartphone and tablet so suddenly finding your battery in a critical state can be a real pain, especially if you rely on that device to communicate or navigate you around. It's not so bad if you've got a charger on your person, but how often is that?

Since it's normally difficult to remember to carry a cable with you for this kind of situation, the ChargeCard Thin aims to solve this problem.

It's essentially a microUSB cable squeezed into the shape and size of a credit card. This means you can fit it into your wallet so it's always there when you need it.

You're going to have to have a reasonably big wallet as the ChargeCard Thin is, by our measurement, 2.6mm thick. For comparison, my debit card is just 0.8mm thick so the ChargeCard is three times bigger. You'll probably need to clear some space in your wallet for it.

If you can find room for it, an alternative is to chuck it in whatever bag you carry around on a daily basis, then it is a potential life saver. On one corner is the microUSB connector to attach your phone, tablet, camera or whatever else has a microUSB port.

Of course, you'll need something with a USB port to plug it into as the ChargeCard Thin doesn't contain a battery. A PC, laptop or pretty much anything with a full-size USB port will suffice. The USB end of the cable is situated in the middle of the card. It pops out of the card either side on a bendy link.

Depending on what you're plugging the ChargeCard into, it can be a bit awkward. Using the USB ports on the back of PC, for example, leaves a smartphone dangling in the air. However, the ChargeCard is undeniably a handy thing to have around if quite expensive for a cable at $25.

Price: $25

Score: 7/10

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