iPad mini 3 vs iPad mini 2

As expected, Apple launched the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 last night at a special event in Berlin. The latter of the two tablets got about 10 seconds worth of stage time and we know why. See also: iPad mini 3 first-look review.

You should not buy the iPad mini 3 and I'm going to explain why. Apple spent a long time last night talking about things we already knew before it got onto new products. It was pretty boring to be honest and after more than 30 minutes worth of clapping, whooping, digs at Android and 'comedy' videos, the keynote finally arrived at the iPad Air 2 .

This new tablet got a fair amount of time and explanation which is fair enough but strangely Apple tagged the iPad mini 3 on the end in a sort of 'oh by the way, there's this one as well' way. Now I've had a look at the new tablet's specs, I can see why it brushed over it in a matter of seconds.

Apple's iPad mini 3 is almost no different to the iPad mini with Retina display (now renamed to the iPad mini 2) – didn't Apple learn that lesson with the iPad 3?

I like Goooooold (and fingerprint scanners)

The firm has added the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, a new gold colour and a 128 GB storage option. Apart from the fact that the 32 GB model is gone – following the lead of the iPhone 6 – everything remains the same. It has the same chassis, Retina display, A7 processor, identical front and rear cameras, wireless tech and battery life.

The iPad Air 2 has an A8X processor, fully laminated display with an anti-reflective coating, a thinner and lighter design, improved 8Mp iSight camera and barometer. However, none of this new tech love has been shown to the iPad mini 3.

Apple has kept the price the same so the iPad mini 3 starts at £319 but the 128 GB will set you back a cool £479. Upgrades might seems good at the same price point but the iPad Air 2 remains at £399 so I'm a bit confused. It's like Apple spent all the effort on the larger tablet then remembered about its little brother but only had time to make those few additions.

The killer reason to not buy the iPad mini 3 is that the iPad mini 2 is still available at a lower price of £239. Is the Touch ID and gold colour worth £80 extra? Most certainly not and furthermore, the iPad mini original is kept alive and costs just £199 which is a bit of a bargain. You can save even more by picking up a refurbished original for only £169.

If you're pondering whether to upgrade from an older iPad mini, it's really not worth the bother and if you're thinking about getting your first iPad mini then opt for the now cheaper iPad mini 2 or even the original if you're not too fussed about the screen resolution.

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