Apple is set to announced the next generation of iPhone next week. The event is scheduled to take place on 9 September, and we will be covering the news as it happens in a live blog over on the Macworld website and in subsequent stories. Here’s a link to Macworld UK’s live blog of the Apple 9 September event, which will be updated with all the news as it happens.

We expect Apple to announce the iPhone 6 (although Apple could just as well come up with a new name all together). This new iPhone is said to have a bigger screen than the iPhone 5s (although we’re not all that sure we actually want a bigger screen, so we really hope Apple keeps on an iPhone with the current 4in dimensions, perhaps an iPhone 6c).

There is also a rumour that there will be two new iPhones - with one even bigger than the first at 5.5in (more of a phablet style phone, or an iPad mini mini). This bigger iPhone is said to be called the iPhone L or iPhone Air, but your guess is as good as ours as to what Apple will actually call it.

Along with the new iPhone we may get the go ahead to download iOS 8 too, if you are wondering whether to install it on your iPhone we advise you to read our preview of iOS 8, so that you know what you are getting into.

There’s also a rumour that the iWatch will launch. This will mark Apple’s first step into the wearable tech market and there are expectations that Apple will turn the market on its head with the new product, drawing parallels with the way the introduction of the iPhone changed the smartphone market and the introduction of the iPad transformed the market for digital music.  

But the 9 September Apple event isn’t the end of Apple’s crop of products for 2014. Looking towards October we can expect Apple to update its iPad range, as is the tradition. At the annual October event Apple has also introduced new Macs, and it was in October last year that Apple introduced OS X Mavericks.

We expect the same ingredients this October. The rumours point to a new iPad Air with a Touch ID. Apple’s apparently not going to update the iPad mini this time round, but we’ve heard that a 12.9in iPad Pro is in the works for early next year. The latter is apparently part of Apple’s strategy to appeal to the enterprise and education markets (a strategy made real by it’s partnership with one-time arch-rival IBM).

We’ve been a bit disappointed with the Mac updates this year so we are hoping that there will be more to come. Well, maybe it’s not fair to say disappointed, they were predominantly good updates, and the price drops across the range are very much appreciated. But these are not significantly better machines than the ones that launched back in 2013 because Intel has been dawdling with its processor development. The Broadwell chips, which are the successors to the Haswell chips you will find in the current Macs, have been delayed but hopefully the ones that Apple needs for it’s MacBooks and desktop Macs will be ready to ship before the end of 2014. We think it’s likely that Apple is getting a bit peed off with Intel for being so slack with its development of these new processors, who knows, maybe those rumours that Apple will one day build it’s own Mac processors may come to light.

We hope that the new Broadwell chips make it in time for the anticipated October event, if not, hopefully we will see something in the run up to the Christmas shopping period.

One Intel chip destined for a new version of a Mac is already available though. The Mac Pro uses the Xeon E5 and Intel is shipping the next generation of those chips. So Apple really has no excuse not to update the Mac Pro before the end of the year. Read about the Best Mac to buy in 2014 here.

OS X Yosemite we can expect to see around October. We already know what to expect because we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on the beta - Apple has changed the habit of a life time and shared the next version of OS X with a select few consumers. Hopefully these extra ‘testers’ will mean that there are no delays with the launch of Yosemite as it will have been thoroughly tested. Read our full preview of Yosemite.

There is one other product that we really hope we will see in October, or at least before the end of the year. It is a source of some frustration that, at least here in the UK, Apple has left the Apple TV untouched for so long. The thing about the Apple TV is that the hardware is fine really, but it’s the content that isn’t there - at least not in the UK. In the US there are new channels being added to the Apple TV every week, but here in the UK the Apple TV lacks much of what the competition offers here - on-demand channels like 4OD, for example. We really hope that Apple turns its attention to the Apple TV in the UK before it is too late. The company is going to struggle to get the BBC to develop a dedicated channel for the Apple TV, for example, when they already stream to all the other set top boxes, after all. Read about the features we are hoping to see in the new Apple TV here.

We like this time of year. Autumn when the latest crop of Apple products ripen. We hope there is a good harvest this year.