Apple Watch

We've had to wait for so long for the Apple Watch to arrive that I'm bored of it already.

Apple first unveiled the Apple Watch at a special event in September, but it won't be available to buy until April according to CEO Tim Cook, and that might not even be in the UK.

So that's a wait of at least eight months, which to me seems like far, far too long. The Apple Watch is old news already, and I haven't even tried it yet.

I completely understand why Apple wanted to unveil the Apple Watch last year, even though it wasn't ready to go on sale yet. Wearables were all-the-rage already and Apple wasn't seen to be in the market, so the company wanted to make sure everyone knew that it was working on something amazing that has the potential to shake things up a bit, even if that wouldn't be until mid 2015.

But even then I felt like Apple was a bit late to the game, and who's to say that the Apple Watch is going to do what the iPod did to MP3 players and the iPad did to tablets? For one, rivals including Samsung, LG, Google, HTC, Sony and Motorola have launched very successful smartphones in the past year, boosting Android's smartphone market share to more than 80% (iOS is less than 12%). And of course, the Apple Watch won't work with Android.

Apple's rivals have made big efforts with their many different smartwatches and yet none of those have taken off in the way I expect they'd hoped. I don't know anyone with a smartwatch aside from some tech journalists in the office (they don't count - they're paid to wear them), and I've only seen one out in the wild in the past two years.

Apple must be confident that its smartwatch is going to change things, and make us all want to be seen wearing a wrist-mounted computer, but right now I'm struggling to share that confidence myself.

Even Apple founder Steve Wozniak lacks enthusiasm for the Apple Watch. Woz himself has owned several smartwatches already, but he's already got rid of them, because he found himself going back to his phone regularly for the larger display. According to Woz, the Apple Watch is just a "luxury fitness band," and with a price tag that starts at £300 and could reach all the way up to £3000, luxury is certainly accurate.

Rivals from the likes of Motorola, LG, Sony and Samsung are generally under £300, and some are under £200, including the brilliant LG G Watch R and the Morotola Moto 360. To find out more about Apple's competition, read our round-up of 22 smartwatches that rival the Apple Watch.

So it's going to be expensive, potentially not as useful as everyone might hope, and it's only going to work with 12% of the smartphone market. Plus, as it was unveiled so long ago, we've had plenty of time to think long and hard about whether or not we should buy an Apple Watch.

We now know that we'll have to charge it every single day, we've had more time to realise that smartwatches are not as awesome as we'd imagined, and we've had plenty of time to take a look at the Apple Watch's rivals and pick them apart to see how they compare.

If we'd been kept in the dark about the Apple Watch, we could have continued to enjoy speculating over how amazing it would be. It might have prevented those who really do want a smartwatch from buying one from the competition just in case the Apple Watch blew them all out of the water. And we wouldn't have examined every detail of the Apple Watch and discovered its downfalls long before we've even got it in our hands.

What's more, we've stopped talking about it. When the Apple Watch was unveiled, everyone was nattering and the buzz surrounding it was perfect for an imminent launch. But eight months later is far from imminent. Now, that buzz has died down to nearly nothing, because everyone's said everything they want to say about it.

I hope I'm wrong, and that I get excited about the Apple Watch again when it arrives in April, and that everyone else does too. But right now, I'm just bored of waiting. Bored, bored, bored. 

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