BlackBerry vs iPhone

Apple today announced a partnership with IBM to 'transform enterprise mobility' which will finish off what's left of BlackBerry. See also: Why the Apple IBM deal matters.

The partnership between the two heavyweight technology companies looks set to boost the adoption of iPhones and iPads in the enterprise market – an area which is key for Canadian firm, BlackBerry.

For a while, BlackBerry's smartphones were trendy and popular with younger users – mainly because of the BBM instant messaging service. However, that time is long gone and these days BlackBerry relied on its business customers to keep going. I still see BlackBerry users on my daily commute but very few of them look pleased to be using a tired and aching for retirement device with a tiny screen and a physical keyboard.

The BlackBerry OS marketshare has dropped from 13.6 percent in the first quarter of 2011 to just 0.5 percent in the same quarter of this year, according to research firm IDC. Apple's iOS has remained popular and Google's Android OS has boomed to more than 80 percent market share.

Apple's deal with IBM mean we'll see a rise in iOS adoption, across iPad and iPhone, which will result in BlackBerry losing grip on what it has left - sooner or later.

IBM will develop and launch 100 industry-specific enterprise solutions including native apps for both iPhone and iPad which have been made from the ground up. Apple will also launch a new AppleCare service specifically for tailored needs of enterprise customers.

Furthermore, IBM will sell iPhones and iPads with these solutions to its business clients worldwide. Its MobileFirst Platform for iOS will deliver analytics, cloud storage, fleet-scale device management, security and integration.

In a nut shell it's a force to be reckoned with and the bosses at BlackBerry should be well and truly shaking in their boots.

Not only do I think this is the end of BlackBerry, there are signs of it happening already. The firm's share price has already fallen 4.7 percent to $10.77 on Nasdaq and 4.3 percent to C$11.62 on the Toronto Stock Exchange. No doubt it will continue in this fashion.

Think about it for a second; if your company offered you a BlackBerry or an iPhone to use for work, which would you choose?

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