Samsung vs Apple

Samsung's adverts for its flagship devices have long been focused on bashing Apple. In 2012, the most-watched tech video was Samsung's ad for the Galaxy S II, which mocked Apple fans queuing for the iPhone 4S. Its latest ads, this time for the new Galaxy Tab S tablet range, continue the tradition of mocking Apple.

I'm no advertising expert, but I've always thought it's a strange tactic from the Apple rival. Surely Samsung knows that Apple fans aren't going to enjoy watching Apple-bashing ads. It's not going to convince them that Samsung is better. In fact, it has almost the opposite effect. I certainly don't want to be on the side of the company that is so snide.

Clearly, then, Samsung is targeting those already on the anti-Apple side. They've either got a Samsung phone already, or they're using a different iPhone rival. Perhaps Samsung is more focused on sparking debate and therefore viral sharing of its adverts, rather than reaching out to convince Apple users to switch. It could also be a tactic to prevent anyone thinking about switching to Apple from leaving Samsung behind, but it almost feels like Samsung is bullying them into staying.

Personally, I really hate this advertising tactic. It just seems petty to me. Plus, if a product is awesome enough and you're confident about that, you shouldn't need to slate other products to prove it.

I'm not alone in that opinion, either. You'll find commenters on Samsung's YouTube channel using words such as "desperate," "awful," "low level," and "childish," all of which I agree with.

It is, however, a tactic that Apple has employed itself in the past, particularly in those famous 'Get a Mac' ads. And other companies including Microsoft and Amazon have jumped on the Apple-bashing bandwagon, though Microsoft quickly removed this ad and admitted that it had overstepped the line.

I certainly prefer Apple's current advertising technique, which avoids poking fun at others and instead focuses on its own products, demonstrating how each device impacts its users lives in ways that you might not expect. I'd be disappointed if Apple decided to bite back at Samsung in a future advert, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't lower itself to that level.

Here are nine of Samsung's Apple-bashing ads for you to watch. What do you think of them? I'd love to know whether you're an iPhone owner or a Samsung owner, and how these ads make you feel. You can let me know in the comments section below.

Here's one of Samsung's most recent iPhone-bashing adverts (below), which was released on YouTube on 4 June and already has almost 15 million views. That's the clever thing about these ads – they tend to go viral, particularly because they spark that age-old Apple vs Samsung debate between friends on Facebook and Twitter. So even though the advert angers a large percentage of its viewers, it is seen by so many that it doesn't really matter.

I must say this one did make me chuckle a bit, particularly the water fountain at 0:32.

The following two adverts were released most recently. The first seems to suggest that buying a Galaxy Tab S will make you a better parent, while the second leads viewers to believe the iPad's screen will make people in movies disappear. Hmm.

Another recent Samsung ad is the 'Two Things at Once' ad below, which shows off Samsung's multitasking features at the expense of the iPad.

Samsung's Pixel Density advert (below) mocks the Retina display on the iPad. The Galaxy Pro owner's expression at the end is particularly insulting.

Here's another Samsung ad in the Galaxy Pro campaign. This one makes a dig at the iPad's lack of user accounts.

This Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 advert mocks Apple's own 'Pencil' advert.

Some of Samsung's earlier ads mock Apple fans that queue for the iPhone outside Apple Stores.