Previously, I've written about my growing concern that Apple is trailing behind its competitors, and suggested that the company really needs to launch an iPhone this year that is so good it'll take rivals 12 months to match it.

Investigating further, I've come up with a list of features that I think the iPhone 6 needs to boast in order to leapfrog the likes of Samsung, LG, HTC and others – anything less then it's likely Apple will be in the same position next July, yet again trailing behind as it prepares to launch its next smartphone.

1. iPhone 6 needs a bigger screen

I've discussed this elsewhere, but the most obvious and most talked about feature that the iPhone 6 needs is a bigger screen. It's rumoured that Apple will launch two new iPhones this year, one with a 4.7in display and the other entering the 'Phablet' market with a 5.5in display, so fingers crossed the company is on the right track with this one.

2. iPhone 6 needs a better display

I was blown away by the Quad HD display on the LG G3. It has the highest pixel density of any smartphone, at 534ppi, compared with the iPhone 5S's 326ppi. It may be true that the human eye is unable to pick out individual pixels on the iPhone's Retina display, but there is no denying that there's a huge difference in quality between the iPhone's display and the LG G3's display. If you placed the two smartphones side-by-side you would definitely notice it.

I would love to own an iPhone with a display that matches the LG G3's. I'm not a fan of the 5.5in screen size, but if the 4.7in iPhone 6 boasts a pixel density that matches or exceeds 543ppi I would rush out to buy it on the day it launches. I'd probably even queue up with the other eager Apple fans.

3. iPhone 6 needs a better camera

I love the camera on the iPhone 5s. It's still one of the best smartphone cameras around, but on paper, it's way behind rivals like Nokia's 41Mp Lumia 1020.

The iPhone 5S has an 8Mp camera, but the pixels themselves are bigger at 1.5 microns, resulting in those impressive photographs. But I think the camera on the iPhone 6 should be one of its biggest selling points – everyone's using their smartphone as a camera these days. I hear Lumia 1020 owners boasting about their 41Mp camera around the office, and it really is amazing, I want to be able to boast about the camera on my iPhone 6, too.

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4. iPhone 6 needs a MicroSD slot

Apple still hasn't given in on this one, but if the iPhone 6 has a MicroSD slot I think it'll peak the interest of many consumers. It would help make the iPhone 6 more affordable, as it costs £80 to double the built-in storage to 32GB, and another £80 for 64GB. If Apple offered the 16GB iPhone 6 at £549 with a MicroSD card slot for up to an additional 128GB, you could be looking at £629 for an iPhone with up to 144GB.

5. iPhone 6 needs front-facing speakers

A bigger iPhone will mean a better device for watching video. However, the speakers on the current iPhone are less than ideal if you're watching video without headphones.

Apple should introduce front-facing stereo speakers for the iPhone 6, particularly if the rumours of a 5.5in model are true. Sony's Xperia Z2 smartphone and the HTC One M8 both already feature front-facing speakers.

6. One knock-out feature that we didn't see coming

The final thing the iPhone 6 needs is a big talking point. A flagship feature that'll get an 'ooh' and an 'ahh' from the audience during the iPhone 6's unveiling. Who knows what this feature will be, and that's the whole point – a surprise will get everyone talking and, assuming it’s an impressive surprise, will put Apple back in the top spot as a leader, not a follower. You can get some ideas about what the surprise feature might be in our iPhone 6 rumour round-up.