5 things we'd like to see in the new iPhone 5S

With the new iPhone set to launch on September 10th, the editors of PC Advisor, Macworld and Tech Advisor have put their collective heads together and come up with this list of 5 things that we'd all like to see in the new iPhone 5S. See also: iPhone 5S launch 10 September: 5 things we expect to see

1) NFC

This is an area where Apple has been caught napping for a long time now – possibly because of security implications – and as a result Apple has a bit of catching up to do with its Android rivals. Visit: Olloclip lens system for iPhone 5 review.

One benefits of the inclusion of NFC (near field communication) in the iPhone 5S could open the door for a feature/app where you can pay for everyday items simply by tapping your iPhone on a contactless payment point. Cool eh?

2) Fingerprint unlocking feature

There have been plenty of rumours doing the rounds that Apple has the necessary patents and technology to include a fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S that can be used to securely unlock the device.

It's also been reported that the technology that has already been developed can also recognise/remember several separate users' fingers, therefor one possible option could be using an index finger to unlock the iPhone 5S and bringing up the Home Screen, while a user's middle finger could be assigned and used to unlock the new iPhone and automatically launch Safari.

3) Expandable storage

We know this is wishful thinking as Apple makes an absolute financial killing by its pricing structure based on internal storage size, but an iPhone with a memory card slot would be a great addition to the world's most popular smartphone.

Even if Apple launch its own brand memory card, we think that it would be an incredibly popular feature to the phone. In fact, that's exactly what we'd like to see: an iMemory card…or an iSD card…something like that anyway.

4) Longer battery life

Is a days' battery life really the best we can expect from a £600 smartphone. When you take a step back from what we've all become used to, it's actually a bit rubbish isn't it. Old Nokia's used to be able to last for weeks without needing a recharge, the mobile phone industry has managed to go backwards here.

We're not asking for much, an iPhone that can last two-days of carefree use. How brilliant would that be!

5) Inductive charging

Inductive wireless charging is one of those technologies that's been the Next Big Thing for years. We think it's ready for the big time. Inductive charging lets you transfer power wirelessly, provided the distances are small enough; with current products this basically means being able to place your iOS device on a charging mat instead of having to plug it in. The down sides are that the technology hasn't been embraced by Apple itself, so you have to use a third-party case along with the charger; but if Apple built inductive coils into the iPad's chassis you could use whichever case you like. Then all that's left is extending the wireless range. Whenever you're ready, science.

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