iOS 7

Search the web and you'll find plenty of articles howling about iOS 7 and giving reasons not to upgrade. Well, excuse my French, but cobblers to that. I like iOS 7 (on iPhone 4S and newer, at least). And what's more, I don't care who knows it. (For a counter view, read our blog: iOS 7 secret location spies revealed).

More to the point, you should like iOS 7 too. And you should be upgrading all your iPhones and iPads. The most recent ones at least. Here is why:

1. Reasons to upgrade to iOS 7: it's pretty. It's here. Get over it

Or as my colleague Ashleigh says: "It looks preeetty!" And she's right. All of those people moaning about the look and feel of the iOS are the same people who kick off whenever Facebook changes the smallest thing. It's change people. This is 2013. We were supposed to be driving rocket cars and living in space houses. Surely we can deal with flat, colourful design.

Or as one of my other colleagues Neil put it: "Having an iPhone with iOS 6 is like wearing London 2012-branded clothing. It was acceptable – possibly even cool – last year, but now it makes you seem like you haven't noticed everyone else has moved on."

iOS 7 is here. Deal with it. Move on.

2. Reasons to upgrade to iOS 7: Control Center

Here's a proper new feature and a proper reason to upgrade. Control Center is very convenient, in particular the ability to access Airplane Mode with one swipe. Listen to what yet another colleague of mine, Jim, has to say: "FINALLY you can change brightness, volume, toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on and off, and use the LED torch without having to delve into the Settings."

Those capital letters speak to the release of a deep frustration. Get iOS 7, get Control Center. DO IT.

3. Reasons to upgrade to iOS 7: you can fight crime

Like a caped crusader, your iOS 7-running iPhone or iPad is better able to stop your phone being nicked. It can help you recover it from the bad guys, and stop them making the most of your lovely data if you can't get back your beloved iDevice.

Do you really want to be without Find My iPhone authentication that requires a password, Activation Lock, Erase authentication, the added Privacy settings, expanded data encryption, per-app VPN and iCloud Keychain? Do you? Then stay with iOS 6, luddite.

4. Reasons to upgrade to iOS 7: Infinity Blade 3 (and other stuff)

If you want to play Infinity Blade 3 - and you should - you need to get iOS 7. Not a gamer? No matter. Soon plenty of new and refreshed apps will be compatible only with iOS 7. The number of these will increase, obviously.

The app makers that count will want to keep up with iOS 7. You should too.

5. Reasons to upgrade to iOS 7: proper Siri

She still has no understanding of grammar ('With what can I help you today?', would be nice) but Siri is now out of beta. A full-fledged feature that actually adds usefulness to your iPhone or iPad.

Siri gains now has new voices - not here in the UK yet, but it won't be long. You can now use Siri to return calls, play voicemail, and more. And that means you are talking to your phone, which means you have one foot in the future. Not something to which those iOS 6 laggards can lay claim.

Okay, there's my quick five-penneth. My colleague Karen has taken a more considered view, as you can read in her piece: 22 reasons to upgrade to iOS 7.

*And yes, I realise the Luddites were right, in the end.