If you're here, you're probably wondering where the wonderful Tech Advisor site you've heard so much about is.

The short answer is, it's here at pcadvisor.co.uk. And it will soon be here at techadvisor.co.uk. But if you're a little confused, here's why.

Tech Advisor began back in 1995 as a magazine called PC Advisor – when tech meant PCs and their associated peripherals. Mobile phones were rare, the internet was text-adventure dungeons and student networks and VR was something only found in cyberpunk novels and The Lawnmower Man. In 2000, pcadvisor.co.uk launched, providing instant access to stories on everything from laptops and printers to the Love Letter worm and the predicted boom in internet shopping (including the rise and fall of Boo.com).

Over the next 17 years, the world of tech expanded. PCs and the internet went mainstream, and phones and tablets superseded PCs (though laptops are becoming more popular than tablets again). And our readership grew to over 13 million people reading over 27 million stories per month (thats 13 million unique users and 27 million page views in industry-speak).

One thing didn't change though – our commitment to providing independent advice in plain English. But software became apps. TVs and watches became smarter than your old PC. Some fads appeared and quickly died – Google Glass and hoverboards. Some, like Fitbits and the like, stuck around. And some – like VR and smartwatches – are still in a space of uncertainty as to whether they'll go mainstream.

In light of this, PC Advisor became Tech Advisor – but for technical reasons remains at pcadvisor.co.ukPC Advisor still exists as a part of Tech Advisor. We still publish just as many stories, reviews, group tests, how-tos about laptops, desktops, PC games and software and peripherals as we did before – and you still see the PC Advisor logo on those page as we know readers who've been following that brand for many years know and trust it. But we do – and are trusted for – so much more now.

But – because having Tech Advisor hosted at pcadvisor.co.uk is, frankly, a bit weird – the move to techadvisor.co.uk is coming.

Moving 110,000 stories to a new URL – with everything working, including making sure that links to stories on pcadvisor.co.uk redirect automatically to the same story on techadvisor.co.uk – is a mammoth task. Moving the site while we're constantly updating and adding new reviews, group tests, advice and explainers adds another level of complexity. And then there's the no-small-task of doing so while retaining our reputation with search engines – which is how many readers find us, as we help you to find the right product, app or service for your needs.

So for now, go to pcadvisor.co.uk. But things will be changing here soon.