Budweiser Knitbot

We've seen digital walls and even dresses that display tweets incorporating certain hashtags, but never a knitting machine that knits Christmas jumpers when someone includes the hashtag #jumpers4des

Budweiser has created the machine, which knits red and white jumpers featuring the company logo and slogan 'Celebrate Responsibility', as part of its campaign to promote and encourage people to appoint designated drivers over the Christmas season.

Knitbot, as it's affectionately known, will be knitting jumpers round the clock until 10am on 6th December, at which point you'll get a chance to win one of the jumpers created by all the tweets by going to Budweiser's UK Facebook page. The more mentions of the #jumpers4des hashtag, the more jumpers Kitbot will make.

Jennifer Anton, Budweiser’s UK marketing manager, said: “We wanted to promote and celebrate the important role that designated drivers play in a fun and engaging way, with our own take on the festive knitwear trend. We believe this process of knitting by the power of tweets is the first of its kind, and the end result with our Knitbot machine is something quite spectacular.”

Some of the profit from Budweiser's Christmas beer sales (specifically the Give Back packs in Asda) will go to the charity RoadSafe.

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Budweiser Knitbot