Samsung Yuom flexible smartphone screen

LG has confirmed it will launch a smartphone with a flexible OLED screen at some point this year.

CES and MWC have been and gone with no sign of a smartphone with a curved screen, let alone a bendy flexible alternative. However, LG could be the first one to make this geeky dream a reality.

Vice President of LG Mobile Yoon Bu-hyun said the device is set to launch sometime in the fourth quarter. Samsung has demonstrated a concept Yuom display which simply wrapped around the device.

While we can't wait to try out the first bendy phone, whether it's from LG or a rival, it's unclear how much these devices will flex. Samsung's implementation meant that tit bits of information could be seen on the curved section even with a case covering the remainder of the screen.

What we really want is a fully flexible, foldable smartphone but how far away we are is a mystery.

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