Thuraya SatSleeve iPhone case

If you own an iPhone but live or travel to places with poor or no regular mobile network signal then you're in luck.

The Thuraya SatSleeve is an iPhone case with a difference, a 'first of its kind' according to the firm. The device adds satellite connectivity so it doesn't matter if you're in an area with no signal or your network has gone down for whatever reason – failure or natural disaster. See also: Choosing the best battery case for iPhone 5.

Since the SatSleeve is effectively a satellite phone, just without buttons, it's a bit bigger than your typical iPhone case. The part which houses the iPhone itself slots onto the other part and connects via Bluetooth. A free app allows you to control the satellite phone and use your existing contacts books.

Furthermore, the SatSleeve has its own battery so doesn't need to rely on the iPhone's. In fact, you can use the SatSleeve's battery to charge the iPhone if it gets low. It also has its own SIM-card slot you can effectively have a dual-SIM set up.

The SatSleeve will set you back around £390 so it's not the kind of case for your average punter walking down the street. Thuraya told us that people who work aboard a lot will find it handy and those adventurous types who want to, for example, climb a mountain but still need to be able to make a phone call.

We have no details on where exactly you can get hold of one at the moment but the firm is in talks with UK mobile networks, so keep an eye out.

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