Amazing Prime Air

Imagine clicking 'buy' on and then minutes later your order is dropped on your doorstep by a flying robot. Well that's exactly what the boffins in Amazon's next generation R&D lab are working on. See also: 5 reasons you should do all your Xmas shopping online this year.

Amazon is looking to introduce unmanned flying drones to its delivery force in an attempt to deliver your order to you as soon as physically possible. Below is a short video outlining how Amazon would in theory go about fulfilling such a futuristic feat. Take a look at: Renault R-Link review: a connected infotainment system with a few niggles.

Amazon Prime Air flying drone video

Amazon says that this is not just science fiction, but that it plans to have this fully operational as soon as possible. 2015 is the date that the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says it will have official rules in place for commerical unmanned aviation – Amazon in turn says that Prime Air deliver will be ready to go as soon as such rules are made. As yet, there is no word on when - or even if - Amazon plans to bring Prime Air to the UK.

There has been no word on how much Prime Air will cost users, but you can bet that it is not going to be cheap at first. Amazon has also said that customers who wish to use the unmanned flying drone delivery service will have to live within 10 miles of an Amazon distribution service.

Amazing Prime Air video