Microsoft Xbox One console

We're sure many of you are excited about the Xbox One console launch this November, and things may be even more exciting with the prospect of a hardware upgrade.

You heard us right, the Xbox One will supposedly be getting a performance bump before Microsoft launches the console later this year.

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The news comes via Examiner which reports that the Xbox One GPU will get a clock speed increase. The move is in direct response to the fact that the Sony PS4 has a more powerful hardware line-up.

Other rumours have been floating around such as a RAM upgrade from 8GB to 12GB since the development kits came with 12GB of memory. However, the source denies that this is the case.

See also: PS4 vs Xbox One games console comparison review.

"The bump was supposed to have been planned prior to initial reveal. Any actual changes would have taken place during E3 Week. Effectively, the way the RAM is set out in the machine, Microsoft realized they could be more efficient in its use without sacrificing the amount set aside for OS operation. They immediately reacted."

"Physical RAM won't be upped in time for November release as it was too late even during initial reveal, but developers are saying, in terms of efficiency of the RAM and the reported yield problems, Microsoft have made some snappy breakthroughs and gave the impression it was a straight up increase in clock speed; hence the rumour." they said.

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