Rovio Angry Birds

Rovio has launched a new feature which allows users to save their game progress across multiple devices.

Do you get frustrated at having to only play a progressive game on the one device you started playing it on? Well that's all changing at long last thanks to the Rovio Account. See also: Google Now arrives on iPhone and iPad.

Google Now arrives on iPhone and iPad

Users can now synchronise their progress on different smartphones and tablets by signing into the Rovio Account. Now whenever you switch from one device to another, how far you've reached in a game will be exactly the same. The only thing which doesn't sync between devices is power-ups.

At launch the Rovio Account is available on The Croods and classic Angry Birds on iPhone and iPad. It's only accessible for users in Finland and Poland but the feature will be rolled out to more areas in the future.

It's a brilliant feature which we've been waiting a long time for and we hope other developers follow Rovio's lead.

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