When we got a chance to play with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset last month, we had to explore 3D worlds from the confines of a chair at London-based creative agency Specialmoves. Motion capture tech developers Xsens has created something that allows you to move around a virtual environment in a manner that reminds us of 80s kids TV classic Knightmare – if only the dungeoneer in the helmet could see what his advisors could on their TV screen, and the dungeons were full CG rather than mapped onto greenscreen.

The video above shows two participents wearing motion-capture suits and Oculus Rift headsets. They're playing a site-specific game called Alien Trick that allows them to explore a studio, see each other, and kick a virtual ball around. OK, nothing special – but it's a start.

The game was created using the Unity 3D engine, which underpins a lot of web and mobile games. This should make development of games for the system relatively easy.

Realistically though, VR games with full motion have some serious drawbacks – the main ones being that you can't see real objects and it would be very easy to completely stack it, hurting yourself and potentially breaking some expensive tech. But it still looks like a lot of fun.