GTA 5 Map of Los Santos

Hype for Grand Theft Auto V, aka GTA 5, is building and the game's map has been leaked online in full.

GTA 5 will be released in less than a week on 17 September. So to whet your appetite, we've got a map of the game. It was initially leaked on Reddit, and then Rockstar posted an image on its Twitter account after gamers complained it looked too small.

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It's since been taken down but thanks to the way the internet works, it's been screen-grabbed and saved for all to see.

The GTA 5 map shows Los Santos, the city where the game is set. Rockstar has said it will be bigger than the game worlds of GTA IV, GTA: San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption put together.

Accompanying the map are birds eye views of some sections taken from within GTA 5, showing motorways. A huge lake can be seen with a mountain range alongside.

Check out the map above and let us know what you think.

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Via The Independent