If you've been gaming for nearly 20 years on Sony's console then this PlayStation video is right up your street. It's aptly named 'For the players since 1995'.

Sony has made an evolution of the PlayStation video showing how the grey PS1 moved into the PS2, to the PS3 and finally the upcoming PS4 which will go on sale next month. It's also a look at how games have got better and how popular culture has changed since the days of the original PlayStation including fashion and music.

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The cleverly shot video, which takes place in a lad's bedroom not only shows how games consoles have changed, but the London skyline and other products such as TVs.

In the video is hidden shapes, corresponding to the x, square, circle and triangle buttons on the PlayStation controller. If you can figure out in which order they appear, you could win a PS4 by entering Sony's competition.

The PS4 will go head to head with the Xbox One this Christmas in a fierce console battle. Let us know your thoughts on the video and the next-gen consoles below. See Xbox One vs PS4 games console comparison.

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