Windows 8 smartwatch:

With Samsung launhcing the Galaxy Gear, Sony releasing the SmartWatch 2 and Apple planning the iWatch, eyes are now on Microsoft to see what it comes up with for the Windows 8 watch. See Sony intros SmartWatch 2 with bigger screen and slimmer design.

Well, good news folk. It looks like Microsoft is already working on such a device reportedly called the Surface Watch. According to the website AmongTech, and its trusted sources, a Windows 8 smartwatch is already in prototype form. See also: Samsung Galaxy Gear hands-on review.

The specs – and even the existence – of such a device has yet to be confirmed from Microsoft, but the rumours suggest that the first Windows 8 smartwatch will have a 1.5-inch screen and will come in blue, red, black white, grey and yellow (very Lumia!). Take a look at Using Google Glass: 5 things we love, 5 things that need to get better (and probably will).

The device is also reported to support 4G LTE connectivity, meaning it won't have to be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth for it to work. Also, the Surface Watch is said to have a pretty impressive 6GB of internal storage, although it is understood that the heavily cut back Windows 8 operating system designed for the smartwatch will take up a large chunk of this storage, bringing into play the 4G LTE connection for cloud storage via SkyDrive.

While a Surface Watch is all well and good, there is also potential for other manufacturers to cash in Windows 8 watch, as in the very simplest form all the smartwatches need to do is be compatible via Bluetooth with a Windows Phone 8 device.

Smartwatch specialists Kreyos has already confirmed that it is working on a smartwatch that is compatible with Windows Phone 8. The Kreyos smartwatch is reported wi work via Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR and 4.0, have a 1.26-inch LCD 144 x 168 pixel screen, water resistant, 3-Axis Gyrometer and Accelerometer. The device is also set to be compatible with iOS and Android, and will really at $169.

Other technology companies - and probably even established watch manufacturers - will no doubt follow suit and release their own smartwatches that are combatible with multiple mobile OS's.

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