Fitbit Force wristband

How waterproof is the Fitbit Force? Can you wear the Fitbit Force or Flex in the shower, bath, swimming pool?

While Fitbit never calls its Flex wristband “water proof” the way it describes its water resistance suggests that it’s better able to cope with water than the company’s new Fitbit Force activity tracker.

The Force looks very much like the Flex, but features a more intelligent display that can show you how many steps you’ve taken or calories burned. Both affix to your wrist in a rubberized wristband.

Fitbit says the Flex is “water resistant”: “It should be able to brave all the elements of your everyday life ­– whether you're in the shower or out in the rain.”

Fitbit Flex water resistance

But Fitbit pointedly advises against showering with the Force – even washing the dishes is not recommended.

The Force is “water resistant”, too, but Fitbit states: “It should not be used while swimming or showering but is splash, rain, and sweat-proof."

Fitbit Force water resistance

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The company says the device is “splash proof and should not be submerged more than one meter.”

Of the Flex it states “Your Flex can be worn while you are in the shower, or working out. Itis sweat-proof, rain-proof, water resistant, and can be submerged in water up to ten meters.”

So the Force is water resistant against sweat and splashes, but it appears to be much less so with anything wetter.

I’ve been using my Flex for several months now and think nothing of wearing it in the shower or bath, and often swim 500m with it still on.

Whether I’ll still be able to do so with the Flex now looks doubtful.