'Add to My List' function finally lets you keep a list of films and TV shows you want to watch – just not right now.

One of the most requested features by Netflix users – along with 'more new films please' – is the ability to create a list of movies and programmes that you've spotted on the streaming service that you'd like to watch later. Well now that's here.

We've all seen stuff on Netflix that appeals to us, but we don't want to watch straight away. Maybe you've logged on to Netflix to watch something specific, maybe it's something your partner won't want to watch – or your kids. Usual tactics for getting round this include browser bookmarks, starting watching them for a few seconds so they appear in your 'Recently Watched list – or a good old pen-&-paper list – but you don't need them anymore.

Netflix has just sent out an email to its customers (above) and written a blog post to reveal the 'Add to My List' feature.

Your list lives at the top of your Netflix homepage – it hasn't been added to the main navigation. It doesn't appear until you add something to it, which you do by clicking on the Add to My List button on the a film/show's page (or when you hover over it).

You can also see your list on a separate page by clicking on the 'See All' button next to its name.

There are no options for the list beyond removing things from it. It's a great first start, and we expect to see more features such as sorting by date, name etc.

Each full profile can have its own list, though currently kid's profiles don't have this feature. We're not sure if this is a bug or a feature.

My List has also been added to the iPad, iPhone and Android apps, so you can add shows from any device and then see the list from any other.

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For more on Netflix's My List, see Netflix's own video below.

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