BBC HD channels

The BBC has announced that it will launch five new HD channels.

The new channels are BBC News HD, BBC Three HD, BBC Four HD, CBeebies HD and CBBC HD. The Beeb said they will be on air by 'early 2014' for all digital TV plaforms which offer HD channels.

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The schedule will be identical to their non-HD counterparts adding a further 250 hours of HD programming per week to what is currently available from the BBC.

The broadcaster also said that the majority of the HD content shown on the new channels will be accessible on its iPlayer service.

Tony Hall, Director-General of BBC, said: "BBC One HD and BBC Two HD have already proved to be highly valued by our audiences and I'm delighted that we're able to follow this with the launch of five new subscription-free BBC HD channels by early 2014. These new channels will allow us to showcase more of our programming at its very best."

For your information, BBC Three HD and CBBC HD will join the BBC's existing HD multiplex, which has 98.5 percent coverage of UK homes. The remaining HD channels will use a new HD capacity which will cover part of the UK and grow in coverage over time.

Aunty Beeb is also preparing a proposal for the introduction of regional variants of BBC One HD and BBC Two HD. English regional for the former and Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish for the latter. The proposal will be presented to the BBC Trust within the next six months.

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