BT Home Hub 5 router

BT has announced that it will launch its Home Hub 5 router later this year complete with next-gen ac Wi-Fi.

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Up BT's iconic tower in London yesterday we were told that the new version of the Home Hub will be arriving later this year. As well as faster next-generation 11ac Wi-Fi (dual-band), all four Ethernet port will be Gigabit as opposed to just one.

As usual, new customers will get the Home Hub 5 for free when signing up to a BT Broadband package. Existing customers will be able to get it for free by signing a new contract, but they can just purchase the router instead.

BT hinted that it wouldn't cost much more than the current Home Hub 4 which BT flogs for £35.

The router will be the perfect complement to BT's new 300Mbps Infinity fibre to the premises which will roll out later this year, the firm said. The Home Hub 5 is a consolidated VDSL modem and router avoiding the need for a separate modem when taking fibre.

Design-wise the Home Hub 5 is almost identical to the Home Hub 4, a blue strip is the only obvious way of distinguishing it. Therefore, it will still fit through most letterboxes in BT's cleverly designed packaging.

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