Google Now for iPhone and iPad

Google has brought its Google Now search service to Apple's iPhone and iPad.

The online search giant making the predictive search feature available for iPhone and iPad means that the exclusivity for Android user has come to an end. Existing users can simply update the Google Search app for iOS via the App Store to gain Google Now.

Google Now aims to predict what kind of information you will search for so that you needn't search for it in the first place. Over time it will learn all about you so it can tell you the weather, if there are any delays getting to work, if your sports team has a game coming up, what local attractions are near you a much more.

Although Google Now has come to Apple users, the experience isn't identical to that of Android. That important and useful information is only available if you go to the Google Search app, whereas Google Now can be access from Android devices simply swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Plus there's a dedicated widget for the homescreen.

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